Red 4 - Flight Lieutenant Jon  Egging, aged 33 from Rutland, flew  the Harrier GR9 before joining the  Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team in  2010. He became interested in flying  at an early age, inspired by his airline  pilot father who used to take him 'down route',  allowing him into the cockpit for take off and landing. Whilst at Southampton University, Flight Lieutenant Egging  completed Elementary Flying Training with the University Air  Squadron, he went on to join the Royal Air Force in 2000.  Selected for fast jet training, he flew the Tucano and Hawk  before becoming a 'Creamie' Qualified Flying Instructor on  the Hawk at Royal Air Force Valley, teaching both students  and instructors. He later served with IV (AC) Squadron -  'Happy IV', based at Royal Air Force Cottesmore, flying the  Harrier GR9. Flight Lieutenant Jon Egging was proud to  support coalition ground forces when flying operational  missions in Afghanistan. Flt Lt Egging has also taken part in exercises in the United  Kingdom and America. As part of Joint Force Harrier, he  served with IV (AC) Squadron on HMS Illustrious, flying  training missions off the UK coastline.   He became the Squadron Qualified Flying Instructor during  his last year on 'Happy IV', making the transition to teach on  the Harrier Operational Conversion Unit, based at Royal Air  Force Wittering, in April 2010. "Whether in his capacity as a husband, son, brother, as a teammate, flying instructor, whether on operations in Afghanistan or as Red Four, Jon wanted to be there for others and to support and serve them and the RAF to the best of his ability." - Emma Egging
Red 5 - Flight Lieutenant Sean  Cunningham, aged 35, was born  and raised in Johannesburg, South  Africa, and moved to the UK in  1986 at the age of nine. Although a profession in football was a  possibility, he followed his dream to become  a fast jet pilot in the Royal Air Force. Flt Lt Cunningham attended Ernesford Grange School in  Coventry, during which time he qualified for his Private Pilot  Licence at the age of 17. He went on to read Electrical and  Electronic Engineering at Nottingham Trent University, and  completed his Elementary Flying Training as a member of  East Midlands Universities Air Squadron.  Joining the Royal Air Force in 2000, Flt Lt Cunningham was  selected for Fast Jet Training. On completion of his flying  training, he was posted to the Tornado GR4 aircraft of 617  'The Dambusters' Squadron at Royal Air Force  Lossiemouth. During his three years on the Squadron, Flt  Lt Cunningham completed several operational tours of Iraq  as part of Operation TELIC, flying close air support  missions for coalition ground forces. After completing exercises in America, Canada, Romania  and France, Flt Lt Cunningham joined XV (R) Squadron as  a Qualified Pilot and Tactics Instructor. He continued his  instructional role when posted to the Weapon Systems  Officer Training Unit at 100 Squadron, RAF Leeming,  before being selected to fly for the RAF Aerobatic Team,  the Red Arrows, in 2010. "Sean loved his flying and we hope that his life will be an inspiration to all those who share his dreams." - Flight Lieutenant Sean Cunningham's family
  Introducing two very special, one of a kind inspirational prints that would make a wonderful addition to  anyone’s art collection. These pieces of art not only capture the wonder and excitement of the Red Arrows  aerobatic display but also serve as a reminder of the skills, passion and bravery of the pilots who fly them  and those who have ultimately given their lives doing the job they loved most.   All proceeds from each Jon Egging commemorative print will be donated to the Jon Egging Trust, a charity  set up by Jon’s wife Emma. All proceeds made from the Sean Cunningham commemorative print will be  donated to the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund. If you do not wish to buy a print at this time but would like  to make a donation to either of these worthy charities, please click on the charity banners in the right hand  margin for further information.  
aviation art painting by terry jones - jon egging aviation art painting by terry jones - sean cunningham
Red Arrows Special
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The Jon Egging Trust  creates partnerships and  develops opportunities for  young people who are  under-achieving in the  formal education system. It  will link them with  inspirational people and  environments connected to  aviation. 
The RAF Benevolent Fund  is the Royal Air Force’s  leading welfare charity,  providing financial, practical  and emotional support to all  members of the RAF family. 
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Flt Lt Jon Egging
Flt Lt Sean Cunningham
Print image size 56cm x 46cm approx. £75 ....................
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